Jun 06 2011

Islam – The Truth

MARKAMinc @ 2:09 pm

If you want or need more information than what you can get from the news, then take a look at the following. Much of this is from Muslims and former terrorist who have first hand knowledge of this threat. The videos are HIGHLY recommended and will allow you to see that this information is not "opinions" or "edited statements" to alter the message, but you will in fact see and here Muslims and witnesses to their ideals, intentions and desires, straight from their own mouths.

For Videos on Islam click HERE  Some are short and some are full documentaries

For Well respected and informative websites Click HERE  Many of these sites also have lots of videos too.

For a list of books on Islam click HERE  All are impeccably sourced and accurate

For FREE and amazing 10 part video course on Islam in America Click HERE  Sometimes repetative but EYE-OPENING


More to come…