Nov 18 2010

Information and Education

MARKAMinc @ 5:10 pm

PJTV       Informative videos uploaded almost daily by some of the smartest and funniest people on the planet.

Glenn Beck   America's top voice giving us Information and Entertainment for the OPEN Mind.

Freedom Works Org      Bastion of information and actions for Keeping America Free.

NetRightDaily     Worthy of a daily read and has the best political cartoons on the web.

Ann Coulter      No-Holds-Barred New York Times bestselling Author with GREAT Insight.

Conservative Book Club     Discounts on Educational reading for all lovers of Freedom and for Conservatives.

Constituting America           Educating Americans about America with a focus on childrens education.

Downsizing the Federal Government     Information from the CATO Institute, the most respected organization for truth about our government.

Human Events      Well Written Conservative Conscious News.

Judge Napolitano      THE Place for Legal and Honest Political Information.

National Center for Constitutional Studies      The best outlet for purchasing Constitution based literature.

OathKeepers      OathKeepers for those in the Military and Law Enforcment that are Trully Patriots.

The Hill       News from the Hill, a watchdog over our government and their actions.

US National Debt Clock      The most Eye-Opening site on the World Wide Web.

Wallbuilders    Restoring Americas Forgotten History. I recomend this site above all others for literature and true history.