Feb 14 2011

2nd Amend. Resources

MARKAMinc @ 11:35 am

The information here should be usefull when debating issues about the true nature of our 2nd Amendment.

A short statement by Penn & Teller

From our friend Bill Whittle

From the Founding Fathers.  Quotes from our founding fathers that expand and clarify their original intent on the 2nd Amendment


Supreme Court Rulings.  Rulings from the US Supreme Court that are still in force and valid for support of the 2nd Amendment


The Gun IS Civilization.  A well writen letter from a qualified source that explains the firearms place in civilization.


Legal vs Lawless.  A short account of the true use of a firearm for self defence. Its worth noting that a minor is involved.


A Case for Study.  A true account of the hazards of governments intrusion into firearm control and confiscation. Scary and true.


Obama on the 2nd Amendment.  The factual account of where he stands on you and the 2nd Amendment. Way past scary.


Recent comments from Obama on the 2nd Amendment seen on Glenn Beck Show.


Do We Have the Right to Life Without the Right to Self-Defense?…. A well written answer to that.


Firearm Ownership Goes Up, Firearm Deaths Go Down     FACTS that debunk a lot of the left's BS


More to come.