Oct 29 2010


MARKAMinc @ 8:27 pm

Hello, and welcome to the truth about America. You have been duped, lied to and used!! Corrupt people and corrupt organizations have been stealing your rights and your freedoms for almost 150 years, and you have been told that it was “the other guy” when in truth it has been a subversive group that has co-opted both sides to fulfill their goals. Their goal is and always has been POWER OVER YOU.

Step past all the hype, all the rhetoric, all the lies and look into the past at TRUE history and you will find the answer you need to the current problems. Its not big business, Wall Street, or anything like that, its just bad people with THEIR best interest in mind instead of yours. For generations we have allowed them to take office and take power and most of all, allowed them to take our freedoms from us. Our founding fathers were living this nightmare back in the 1700’s and they all dedicated themselves to finding a better way, and they fought a terrible war to free themselves from it. They left us with a blueprint on how to prevent it from happening again. We failed to be diligent and now we find ourselves back in that same boat.

The good news is that we still have the blueprint on how to fix it, we do NOT need to have a war for us to regain our freedoms!! We just have to use that blueprint that worked so well for them. History proved it was the best way to manage the abuse of power…..TRUE history only. Not the altered watered down and subversive version that has been made so common in today’s academics!! So take the responsibility that we each have inherited and read that grand document, The United States Constitution, and then start educating yourself on the rest of the founding principals so you can become part of the solution and not one of the victims of the progressive power-mongers. I highly suggest you start with NCCS course on the Constitution and then the 5 Thousand Year Leap. Wallbuilders has great tools, and for your OWN sake, learn all you can as fast as you can. One source of daily information that is more accurate than most want to admit….The Glenn Beck Show..  My challenge…Find where he is wrong, I’ll buy you any new car made in America! 

Start your education here with the following short cartoon: