Aug 05 2012

Islam Educational Videos

MARKAMinc @ 5:58 pm

Simple Acurate and Shocking if you did not know.

Rumors of War III Target U.S.  << This is the latest and MOST informative of all!!

ISLAM What the West Needs to Know  << History about Islam everyone should know.

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

The Project Part 1 of the eyeopening documentary about evidence of Islamic infiltration of the USA

The Project Part 2

My Trip to Al Qaeda  From a man that knows them well.

The Third Jihad

1001 Inventions Response Informtion about indoctrination of false Islamic inventions.

Rumors of War II The Last Days

Rumors of War Part 1

From the Glenn Beck Show  Watch the whole thing, and you will be suprised.