Aug 05 2012

Websites for Information about Islam

MARKAMinc @ 7:11 pm

One of the most active and useful Islam related news sites available  JihadWatch

administered by Robert Spencer, a leading Author and Activist against the Islamification of America


Highly recommended and updated constantly with relevant news, CreepingSharia


Very current and information filled site with wonderful writing, TheReligionofPeace


Author, activist and educational speaker Pamela Geller's sites    AtlasShugs2000


A website by Bridgette Gabriel. Author and expert on Islam and Sharia  ACT! for America Education


Former Muslim Brotherhood Member Now Peace Activist  WalidShoebat


Many more links to other activist sites are available at the above sites, but the most important information should be readily available from those listed here. Please look for and support the sites that provide YOU with accurate and reliant information in your area.