Oct 14 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Mitt Romney

From someone that once supported Obama

Glad to see some people still use their brain….I hope you will too.


Sep 29 2012

A Word to Rioting Muslims

This is spot on!

All I can say is AMEN


Aug 06 2012

An Educational List



























Go ahead and laugh…I did.


Jul 17 2012

Jihadists Accidentally Blow Themselves Up

Jihadi Work Accident Caught On Tape: Syrian Jihadists Accidentally Blow Themselves Up While Taping Tribute To Suicide Bomber

Note: These are Saudi-funded jihadists from the Ahwaz Brigade fighting under the Free Syrian Army banner. Not sure who added the subtitles but they’re pretty funny, especially the “snackbar” part at the end.

Hope you laughed as hard as I did. Your Welcome 🙂


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