Mar 10 2013

All I can say is AMEN

I applaud and support EVERY WORD of this paotriot.

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Dec 08 2012

We The People, are at War.

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I submit to you, that WE THE PEOPLE, are at war.

We have since man first uttered the word freedom, been at war.

Sometimes that war has been with muskets, bullets, cannons, ships, planes, tanks and bombs, but always in a war of ideals.

That war is the most fervent and desperate.

It is a war to enslave us under a boot of tyranny either thru those that do not see us a equal, or more so today, those that want to tie us down in the bonds of economic slavery by distracting us with cakes and circuses, handouts and free services.

In doing so, depriving us of the joyous right of earning by the sweat of our brow, or, once earned taking it from you and giving to one that refuses to earn.

They seek to rob us of our freedom, and even our humanity by removing from us the necessity of charity toward our fellow man.

They refuse to allow us to grow strong in each other by carrying that much needed burden.

One that strengthens us and bonds us together in communities, towns, cities states and as a Nation

They seek instead to have it replaced by a mindless faceless and all too often an incompetent bureaucracy.

That ideal wants us to stop being individuals and become a collective with no identity but what they choose.

I say No, we cannot fall, we cannot falter, and we cannot loose.

To save us, for WE THE PEOPLE to endure and grow, please think on this.

Martin Treptow, a soldier who gave his all to the fight, and is now buried in Arlington National Cemetery wrote in his diary, “America must win this war. Therefore, I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure, I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost, as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.

Know also that you are not alone, and that we are greater in numbers than those we must oppose. We must join, and we must act.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” as Dietrich Bonheoffer said, holds true today as well.

Please, honor your role as one of the most blessed in the world. Do your duty as an American, and join the fight to save the nation and our freedoms.

Learn the Constitution, study history, and get involved today.

You can get free online lessons on the Constitution and history at Hillsdale College

Dec 03 2012

Another possible plan for the USA

1) 'The US, UK , CANADA and AUSTRALIA will apologize to the world for our 'interference' in their affairs, past & present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, and the rest of those 'good 'ole' boys', we will never 'interfere' again.
2) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting withGermany , South Korea , theMiddle East , and the Philippines . They don't want us there. We would station troops at our borders. No one allowed sneaking through holes in the fence.


3) All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave We'll give them a free trip home. After 90 days the remainder will be gathered up and deported immediately, regardless of whom or where they are from. They're illegal!!! France will welcome them.

4) All future visitors will be thoroughly checked and limited to 90 days unless given a special permit!!!! No one from a terrorist nation will be allowed in. If you don't like it there, change it yourself and don't hide here. Asylum would never be available to anyone. We don't need any more cab drivers or 7-11 cashiers.
5) No foreign 'students' over age 21. The older ones are the bombers. If they don't attend classes, they get a 'D' and it's back home baby.

6) The US, UK , CANADA and AUSTRALIA will make a strong effort to become self-sufficient energy wise. This will include developing nonpolluting sources of energy but will require a temporary drilling of oil in the Alaskan wilderness. The caribou will have to cope for a while

7) Offer Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries $10 a barrel for their oil. If they don't like it, we go someplace else. They can go somewhere else to sell their production. (About a week of the wells filling up the storage sites would be enough.)

8) If there is a famine or other natural catastrophe in the world, we will not 'interfere.' They can pray to Allah or whomever, for seeds, rain, cement or whatever they need. Besides most of what we give them is stolen or given to the army. The people who need it most get very little, if anything.
9) Ship the UN Headquarters to an isolated island someplace. We don't need the spies and fair weather friends here. Besides, the building would make a good homeless shelter or lockup for illegal aliens.
10) All Americans must go to charm and beauty school. That way, no one can call us 'Ugly Americans' any longer. The Language we speak is ENGLISH..learn it..or LEAVE…Now, isn't that a winner of a plan?

'The Statue of Liberty is no longer saying 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.' She's got a baseball bat and she's yelling, 'you want a piece of me?' '


Nov 21 2012

A Solution for America in 15 Min.

I pray the country learns this lesson, and soon.

Please watch and support Bill along with the rest of the fine people at PJTV


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